Eyewear collections

You can expect to find a very varied range of exclusive glasses at our shop

We have a wide selection of independent labels from Paris, New York and Tokyo, right through to Zurich. Our selection criteria is high quality and beautiful design. We are constantly looking for the latest, the best and the most fashionable products. Year after year we visit the international fairs together with our whole team. With us, the value of a pair of glasses does not simply come from the designer name. With our expert advice covering different types of eyewear, we can help you choose the right glasses. 

Our current eyewear collections - selected for you

Andy Wolf of Austria

High-quality plastic glasses by Andy Wolf are light and comfortable to wear. They are milled, sanded and then polished for several hours with a CNC machine to give that beautiful finish. Andy Wolf and his young team have set an international trend with this collection. 


Blac is an eyewear collection for the man who is sporty, yet elegant. Using high-quality materials such as titanium, carbon and nylon guarantees a sturdy but comfortable design.


A very elegant collection by Chopard with sparkling Swarovski crystals. These glasses and sunglasses have been made with a very high level of workmanship. They have recently become available in just few shops in Switzerland.


Coblens is a very young collection that is setting the trend. Large but light stainless steel glasses, strong and unique.


At last, a beautiful, fashionable eyewear collection for narrow faces. The lightweight plastic glasses by Colibris will inspire you.

Dieter Funk

The glasses from Dieter Funk are made by hand in the FUNK glasses factory in Bavaria. The focus of the owner and designer Dieter Funk lies in the retro style, which he incorporates well into his collections.

Face a Face

Face a Face glasses are designed in Paris, the city of fashion. The harmoniously co-ordinated colours emphasise their French flair.


Robust glasses for men. Glasses by Kooki have been manufactured in reliable quality for decades.

Lotos - gold glasses since 1872

No matter where you are in the world, this brand is the first place to come for handmade gold glasses. A fifth-generation family company that manufactures glasses with the utmost precision. They are master goldsmiths who know their craft perfectly, working on every Lotos pair of glasses to produce an incomparable masterpiece. You will receive a lifetime quality guarantee.

Marcus Marienfeld

Marcus Marienfeld is a Swiss goldsmith who produces high-quality glasses in the middle of the Valais Alps. He is an example of Swiss quality craftsmanship who brings together different materials. Every pair of glasses that leave the door is personally checked by Mr Marienfield.


Masunaga has been the court supplier to the Japanese imperial house for over 80 years. Masterpieces by this Japanese old master combine timeless beauty with exceptional craftsmanship. Their ultra-fine engraving can only be achieved by specially trained ornamental artists who have many years of professional experience. “Their unrivalled detail makes these limited-edition treasures as desirable and fascinating as a personal heirloom." Glasses for demanding customers who want to own the best quality, but do not need a big name. 

The company mission statement: We only manufacture excellent glasses, mediocre products never leave the premises. Anyone who wants to see the world through the Emperor’s spectacles will find this unique and incomparable collection at Gautschi Optik in Zurich. Not every optician is supplied with this collection, as advice on glasses by Masunaga should be fit for a king, at the least.


Munic eyewear

Munic eyewear: Frame your personality!


A great eyewear collection from Denmark. These lightweight titanium glasses by Orgreen are available in beautiful colour combinations and also in the latest larger formats.

Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe of France are light, beautifully crafted plastic glasses with a love of detail. Discreet, yet strong colours make these glasses a highly personal accessory.

Savile Row

Savile Row glasses have been worn by many well-known names such as Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, John Lennon, Steve Jobs, Audrey Hepburn, Rihanna, Eric Clapton, Denzel Washington, Harrison Ford and even Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter. 

Made with much passion and decades of experience, with hundreds of working steps in London, using machines that go back to 1898.


These glasses from Austria are among the lightest in the world. Thanks to a patented assembly system, they have no screws.

Super light, simple and incredibly comfortable to wear. That is Silhouette.


Theo glasses are unmistakable! Anyone who wear glasses by Theo really loves their glasses. They are more than just an accessory. They underline your personal style. Discover the fun of wearing glasses!

Cheeky shapes, great colours. “There is no one like Theo".

Von Arkel

One of the hallmarks of Von Arkel glasses is the screwless cylinder hinge. It was developed in cooperation with the watch industry. This highly complex hinge, made in Switzerland, runs as smoothly as clockwork.

Yellows Plus

Yellows Plus glasses are available at select outlets in Switzerland. You can immediately see how beautifully and intricately that have been made. 

Lightweight titanium, high-quality plastic and classy engraving are the marks of these Japanese masterpieces.

YOU MAWO "Your Magic World"

We scan your face

Every person in this world is unique. This fact is well-known, but few manufacturers are really able to respond to the individuality of the customers. The centerpiece is the 3D Infrared Scanner App developed by YOU MAWO. It scans the customer's facial structure within 30 seconds. After the scan, we enter the information on the base model, color and personal data into the app and forward it to YOU MAWO for the production of tailor-made glasses.