Our current sunglasses brands

Massada sunglasses

Massada reaches into your subconscious, bringing an expression of happiness and enjoyment of life. Their ingenuity of their design language is reminiscent of the extravagance of haute couture. For those who take their own considered path through life.

Masunaga, designed by Kenzo Takada

Masunaga has been the supplier to the Japanese Imperial Court for 80 years. Masterpieces by this Japanese old master combine timeless beauty with exceptional craftsmanship. Their ultra-fine engraving can only be achieved by specially trained ornamental artists with many years of professional experience. “Their unrivalled detail makes these limited-edition treasures as desirable and fascinating as a personal heirloom." Glasses for demanding customers who want to own the best quality, but do not need a big name.

The company mission statement: “We only manufacture excellent glasses, mediocre products never leave the premises”. Anyone who wants to see the world through the Emperor’s spectacles will find this unique and incomparable collection at Gautschi Optik in Zurich. Not every optician is supplied with this collection, as advice on these glasses should be fit for a king, at the very least. This is an eyewear collection for the man who is sporty, yet elegant. Using high-quality materials such as titanium, carbon and nylon guarantees a sturdy but comfortable design.

Maui Jim

The sporty sunglasses by Maui Jim are fitted with incredibly good sun protection lenses. They are polarised, some slightly mirrored, unbreakable and very light.

Invented and produced in Hawaii, Maui Jim is conquering the world. Once you have worn a Maui Jim - you will always wear a Maui Jim. Probably the best thing in sunglasses, particularly on the water. Many sports people also use them for golf, where the player’s vision is faced with the most extreme challenges.

Oliver Goldsmith

This family company was founded in 1926 by Oliver Goldsmith, It was to fundamentally change the world of spectacles.

In the middle of the last century, fashion glasses by Oliver Goldsmith were synonymous with stars and style. They adorned the faces of Grace Kelly, Michael Caine and Audrey Hepburn.

Today, Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses are worn by stars such as Kylie Minogue, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and Robbie Williams. It is a very youthful collection that is setting the trend, with large but light stainless steel glasses, both strong and unique. 

Strada del Sole

These sunglasses keep their promises. Produced in Switzerland, they have won international awards. 

Sunglasses by Strada del Sole are very strong, take up little space and are virtually indestructible. You do not
need an annoyingly large case, because a flat pouch that fits into a suit pocket is enough. Stylishly light and very robust.

Tom Ford Glasses

Tom Ford is a globally successful designer. He creates trends in many areas of fashion.